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Thread: Keep up the good work !!!

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    Daumen hoch Keep up the good work !!!

    Since we all love D-tools so much we like to see it take Nero's place.

    The guys over the Nero dev are seriously screwing it over so now is the time for D-tools to offer a complete suite for burning thats totally better than Nero and the rest.

    The last DVD i got from them was 3gb - Burning Features only installation = 300mb.

    Time to laugh now. Some enthusiasts sick of their crap repacked the installer and cut of the Nero parts that are for washing socks and ironing shirts and made a "Nero Lite" and "Nero Micro" for 20mb installer that has all the burning you want (;

    So we all know that D-tools team got the coding all covered meaning all we/you need is a interface so efficient, cute and cuddly that will make everybody in the Burning and etc. software development sector, crap their panties when they see it push them out of the little sales they had.

    By the time Nero quits shoveling their dubious media garbage D-tools can unite all the users currently jumping from software to software.

    Nero is full of side software. And they have separate interfaces for the burning program which is equal to - We don't have a clue as to what we are doing, maybe we'll nail it the fourth time. In the mean time users are stuck with ALL we have to sell you package and none of what you might need.
    And we all know that everything can be chopped down to plugins. So you need you buy - you don't need you don't buy.

    The free and open source ones have annoying interface negligence which is understandable for a non profit.

    And the rest of them either have their own solid annoyances, either are incomplete, either they are unknown.

    I didn't believe I'd see the day where people would mass prefer Alcohol 120% for burning. Not that its bad, but it ain't that good either...

    Its about damn time somebody offers burning software we can rely on to get the job done without getting you irritated in the process. Most of them had it going but they turned away from the good path trying show their supremacy like Nero's with their 7 versions which i sadly had to remove for wanting my Outlook!?!!?!? to write DVD. After i removed any trace of that damn security black hole the Dumb dumb nero stopped writing dvds. Imagine what the hell does burning software want with Outlook to create a working dvd?!

    So D-tools team, best regards, good luck and we expect to see you grow. Any way I'm sure you will be brought to the same conclusion if you analyze the competition.

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    I don't speak for them but I'd thought keeping the DTPro emulation up to date with current protections systems ASAP would be a higher priority for anyone rather than developing and maintaining a disc burning suite.


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