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    Hi everyone, I'm pretty sure this is the wrong section for this post but I don't know where else to put it

    I developed an application that allows you to remotely load image files into daemon tools, for instance if you have a server filled with your legal images of movies, you can install the server app to it, and then run the client app on another machine which gets the list of all images on the server and allows you to mount them to a shared drive remotely to let you watch them over your network

    Wasnt sure if anyone would be interested in something like this, admin feel free to move this post to an appropriate section. Just let me have some feedback I'm not sure if this has been done yet, was just something that I needed :P


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    Default interesting

    so where can we download?

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    Late response but I have finally got a beta version to go by

    I have zipped the files, feel free to use virus scanners but I can guarantee thats not my intent.

    I have uploaded the zip file to rapid share, the address is:

    Remote Image Loader

    The zip file contains 2 folders, one with files that must go on the server machine. The other that goes onto the client. There is a file called config.ini that needs to be edited according to your setup, its all pretty simple just change the path of your image files, the type of images they are, and the pointer to daemon.exe. The ports used by the client and server need to be unblocked on both machines as the server responds.

    Let me know how it goes

    You need to have the .net framework 2.0 installed


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