I've got two fresh installed Windows Vista 32bit systems, they've got almost identical hardware, they've got all the same stuff installed etc.. Only difference is that I've install DAEMON Tools Lite v4.30.1 on one of the systems, and not on the other one!

When I try to run PerfectDisk (v8, SP8, build 64) offline defrag on my system without Daemon Tools installed it works just fine, it will do the offline defrag without any issues whatsoever!

But on my other system where Daemon Tools has been installed it the offline defrag wont run? It wont start because of a driver conflict? After reading on the Perfectdisk site it seems that this might be related to the SPTD?

I can see on the forum that this has been a issue before, but should have been solved with SPTD v156? But clearly it hasn't?
Is there anyway I can bypass this issue?