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Thread: blue screen appears even in safe mode

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    Unglücklich blue screen appears even in safe mode


    I am using windows vista home premium and i installed daemon tools on my laptop...after installation the crash error comes saying that windows has been shut down and writing to crash dump etc..
    Its due to the installation of daemon tools..
    wen I started my windows in safe mode it still takes the password the welcome screen and then goes back to the blue screen..i searched the forums and i started the windows in safe mode and pressed the ESC key o stop the loading..but still the welcome screen comes and it again goes to the blue screen..

    how do I stop the daemon tools from loading during startup?
    bcoz if this happens i can uninstall the s/w.

    Please help...

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    Can you post minidump file (windows\minidump)?

    Also what does that BSOD exactly say?
    When SPTD start got cancelled, DAEMON Tools isn't active.
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    Default do i giv u the mini dump wen ntn is openin at all?

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    Boot with your Windows cd/dvd into recovery console, log on to your Windows installation (requires Administrator password), then enter "disable sptd", and exit to reboot.
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