Yesterday when I tried to use daemon tools again, it just wouldnt work, I clicked the exe and it appeared in a blue icon on my systemtray, but I couldnt right click on it or anything else. After some restarts and other tries I decided to uninstall daemon tools and reinstall. When I uninstalled however I get the error "setup is unable to validate installation". After some google-ing I found that SPTD might be the problem for this and after uninstalling SPTD I was able to uninstall daemontools as well.

The problem is however if I try to install it again, the same problem arrises. I have also tried alcohol 51% ( sorry ! >.<) but unfortunatly it gave the same error and even caused my system to crash and had the boot error "sptd.sys errorp", I used my windows cd to repair that file and my windows finally booted again. and now ... im here posting this thingy in the hope someone can help me T_T

Any help is greatly appreciated !!!