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Thread: Crash PC

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    Hum... I managed to freeze the computer with SPTD 1.56 and DT 4.10 !! Not in installing a game from an image but simply in exploring the image content in Windows explorer !!

    I think I was lucky when I succeeded a game installation...

    I will try my further installations with SPTD 1.50 and DT Lite 4.30.2

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    So SPTD issue as i thought. I think 4.30.2 doesn't work with such an old SPTD version.
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    I can see DuplexSecure have fixed some "system deadlock on multi-processor environment" issues in the STPD 1.56 version.
    Maybe some have remained !

    What should I do ?
    I see direct with DuplexSecure support ?

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