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    last week I bought the game "Beyond Good & Evil" (really nice) and I tried to make a backup. It seems that CD3 has the Tagès protection that can neither be copied nor emulated. Then I read that the author of DT has been able to make a perfect copy of a Tagès protected game by modifying the RAW image, but no further details.

    Could anyone please give me a hint how exactly these modifications have to look like. Although I'm quite new to this subject, I'm able to use a hex editor and I have a rough understanding of the CD structure. I am student of Computer Science, so don't hesitate to go into technical details :-). Thanks!

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    Tagés uses a structure of twin sectors, so the trick is the image creation. Unfortunately appropriate image creation has not been implemented in any cd-recording software yet. Keep your eyes open for future versions of e.g. Alcohol.
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    Ooops, wrong accent? (è / &#233 :-)

    By "twin sectors", do you mean there are two sectors with the same number from which the first one is read and the second one is ignored by most drives (except Plextor) but the read time increases? Isn't this the way TwinPeaks tries to workaround the new SecuROM? Or have I mixed something up?

    Is Tages about timings or about patterns that can be read but not be written or something completely different? It's quit interesting.


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