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Thread: How many images can D-Tools mount?

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    Default How many images can D-Tools mount?

    I can see the option for 4, but I would like to mount more. I don't like to use my cds as they get scratched a lot (by me ). Is 4 the max?

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    This has been discussed quite frequently lately, it is an option that will never be implemented. The main purpose of D-Tools is to emulate copy protections, not to serve as a virtual CD changer.

    Sorry pal, if you want this feature, I suppose you will have to watch out for commercial programs...


    P.S.: this would rather have been a topic for the Daemon Tools suggestions forum than for SUPPORT...

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    Why not try some third party addons? (Check here).

    I have myself made a program that you might interesting. It allows you to make scripts, and then make shortcuts to them. So you could have a shortuct mount an image, run a game, etc... Email me if you are interested, since the prog is still beta, and not ready for full release.


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