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Thread: Internal Setup Error. Error Code: 256. Contact Support

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    Frage Internal Setup Error. Error Code: 256. Contact Support

    I'm trying to install the latest eval version of DT Pro Advanced.

    Unfortunately I keep getting this error, after I go past the initial setup screen.

    Internal Setup Error. Error Code: 256. Contact Support

    After this little pop up, the install program exits.

    I'm trying this on a -fresh- install of windows, with no previous DT versions installed.
    I also tried installing STPD by itself, and then launching the DT installer, but it gives me the same error.

    Please: I already searched the forums, and there is no topic that specifically addresses this error with any resolution. Rather it seems some people are mistaking it for the "File sytem error" or some such.

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    You deactivated every security software? Tried uninstalling security software for testing purposes?
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    There is no security software installed. This is a clean install of windows.

    Any idea what error code 256 means?

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    I am getting this same error when i try and install the lastest version. On a side note when the setup comes up it only has 1 where the title of the program should be. On older version it has the and version # and that stuff where the 1 is at on the newer version install.

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    Default same problem =/

    I had DT working well, but i decided to reinstall windows, and now i can't install daemon tools correctly. It just won't get through the 1st page of the installation application and i get "error code 256, contact support". Can any1 help plz ?

    Thank you =)

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    Ausrufezeichen Please respond!

    I'm having the same problem as well and it has been annoying me everyday if anyone knows the answer to this problem, please write the answer down in this forum or at least send me a message to the solution.

    Thank You ~

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    I have the same prob, fresh copy of XP. But there is one slight difference with me. At first I managed to install DT but just after some hours it failed to start due to some Engine error thingie. I uninstalled to reinstall, but now i got the 256 Error :/

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    I am using WinXP SP3 Trad. Chi. and also counted the same problem.

    With anti-virus disabled, SPTD 1.56 installed, all daemon-tools files, folders, registry deleted and try to install after reboot.

    It's found something "strange" in the first page of install screen, and after press "Next" it prompts "Error Code 256".

    PS. It shows Trad. Chi. interface before, but after all registry and files removed, it comes to Eng. interface.

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    Default Same Here

    I had a working DTPro standard and for some weird reason suddenly came up with errors as boot time. No new software installs.

    I tried uninstalling but that fails. Tried installing over the top of the broken installation but I got the same error and dialogs as shown.

    I deleted the DTPro folder and trawled the registry for any entries I could find and deleted them all and I still get the Internal setup error 256 - contact support.

    I am running Vista Home Premium on a phenom 9500 Quad core with 3 gb memory - all latest Microsoft updates.

    I noticed the first post in this thread was 13.12.2008, 05:18 - getting on for 4 months without any sign of a solution.
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    I'm having the same error.New windows and when I'm wanth to instal DT boom,internal setup error.error cod suport.Can any one help me plz?

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