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Thread: Daemon Tools Pro drive error: -1

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    Well, I never turned off Daemon... I only used to unmount the images.. I use only Daemon lite 4.30.. Just i question.. What is dep???? Alcohol 120 works well so far

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    dep = data execution prevention

    put simply, before its existance, code could be executed from the stack and/or memory areas... now, those areas have to be marked as 'executable' for the system to allow it to run, if dep is enabled and a program tries to execute from the stack or from a memory area that is not marked as executable, it generally results in a crash / error appearing and the program being terminated

    some old protections did this, running code from the stack (safedisc and securom in particular), which is why in windows xp sp2 and higher, there is a 'handler' for this in the pe loader which enables dep for those executables...

    Data Execution Prevention - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    my views are 100% personal views..

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    2 of my friends had the same error message directly after installing Daemon tools and fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling.

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    I got second newest daemon version, (lite) and I have XP sp3.
    Somehow similar problem, but it asks tells me about Daemon tool pro drive error: 3.
    I google'd the problem and found other topic, but it didnt help me out at all..
    Heres the picture bout error screen (its Finnish, I translated it.).

    I have battled with this for some time, and havent beaten it yet.
    Help would be appreaciated.
    (I didnt bother to make new thread).

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    Default it can be solved

    This is what The GeekWay (now relocated) advised:

    • Rightclick My Computer
    • Select Properties
    • Select the Hardware tab
    • Click on Device Manager
    • Look for SCSI and RAID controllers - It will already be expanded and there will be a cross on its icon (not visible in image) which indicates that its not functioning.
    • Right Click on ANNxxxxx IDE controller and select Update Driver
    • Update using default options.

    With me, it was not exactly like this, but it pointed me into the right direction:

    while still having the error, SCSI and RAID controllers contained one driver only already marked by xp with a yellow exclamation mark. Update requests could not solve this (driver not found), but assuming it was a remaining thing of the defective DT Lite, I completely removed it. Then, uninstalling and reinstalling DT Lite inserted an operational controller there. The installation took quite some time "updating the drivers".

    Interestingly, the new controller is a different one (different name, at least) from the one I had before.

    Having XP64 SP2


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    Default hmm

    i had the same problem, and it worked! now i just have a new problem:
    Daemon tools pro driver error: 3

    anybody who can help?

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    Hey guys,
    I'm having about the same problem...
    first time I started Daemon Tools for Windows 7 (Latest version) it said I didn't have a virtual drive... it gives me an error message saying: Pro Driver Fout: 3
    I don't get any of this and I don't know how to make it all work, cause I really want it to work fast! :P

    Please help me!


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    Default Daemon tools pro driver error: 1500

    Hi, I dont know if posting this here is not right but I have a question I have the daemon tools lite version 4.40.2 with WIndows XP Pro w/Service Pack 3. I tried to turn it on today and it gave me that error also when I installed like two days ago every time I tried to start it up it said updating virtual devices and every time it did that it asked for a reboot and never started. If I can get some help with that it will be greatly appreciated, Thanks a lot.

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    try installing 3.47 if u use xp, much better and stable than the others on xp and uses little memory

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