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Thread: SBS2000 problems

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    Default SBS2000 problems

    Hello there,

    I seem to have difficulities installing Daemon properly onto a Windows Small Business Server 2000 computer. Daemon seems to install correctly, but when I set a virtual drive, the drive simply does NOT appear in any explorer windows, nor in Total Commander. The little Daemon icon in the low-right corner shows the drive and its letter, and I even can mount an image, but then I just cant make the drive letter appear in explorer- so I cannot use the virtual device. Any idea? Does Daemon supposed to run on SBS2000?

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    ps: using the latest Daemon available, SBS2k is running service pack 4.

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    Checkout DAEMON Tools Professional Help: No virtual drive in My Computer

    What does happen you try to access that drive letter through command line or typing it into address bar?
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    DAEMON Tools works fine on Advanced Server Win2k, should work on all server versions.
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