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    I'm trying to completely rid myself of Easy Cd Creator 5.5 (came installed on my comp.) and was wondering if anyone could tell me what drivers it uses that it doesn't delete when uninstalled. Any help would be appreciated.


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    So you want to rid yourself of Evil (aka coaster, crap, etc...) CD Creator from your system? First, use the provided uninstall. This will 'clean' some files. Reboot. Hopefully, your cdrom drives still appear, and if not, check out the topic in the Common Questions forum about this.

    Next, download feurio from Apparently, once installed, it has an option to scan your system for problems, including those caused by adaptec/roxio's pet.

    If you aren't satisfied, you could run regedit, and try and find everything related to evil cd maker.

    BTW, if i appear hyper, it's caused i just downed a few (many?) cups of coffee in preparation for a long night of studying! Yeah me!!!

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    Thanks, I just tried the regedit and found...Something (Im not too familiar with this yet) and was wonder what I should do with it. This was under Adaptec --> Adaptec Shared --> CreateCD --> 5.0

    Name-------------------------Type ---------------------------Data
    NoIconInTray-------------REG_DWORD-------------------0x00000001 (1)
    (Default)-------------------REG_SZ-------------------------(Value not set)

    Should I deltete these or change the values or something?

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    Well, this probably isn't hurting anything, so i think you should be able to safely delete it (But backup/export it first to be safe).


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