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Thread: YASU update soon?

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    true, however i doubt very heavily that classrooms, libraries, etc are playing games (which seems to be what most people use daemon tools for)... but yep its a tricky predicament
    my views are 100% personal views..

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    Quote Originally Posted by sYk0 View Post
    A new version of Y.A.S.U will be released very soon (soon as in any day now), just sorting out some minor things, bugfixing, ect.

    And yes the new version does support SR 7.39 & SafeDisc 4.90.000 & 4.90.010.

    Hopefully the new version of Y.A.S.U will satisfy users until Omen is released (no ETA on the release date of Omen).

    an update ^_^ I so happy ;_;...
    did u get a chance to read my error report I submitted to the forums here on a bug in YASU?
    YASU(v1.6.9040)_isn't properly detecting VirtualDrives when Phy.CD/DvD's are disabled/

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    I'm not employed by Disc Soft and my views do not necessarily reflect the ones of the company.

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