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Thread: Insert image into physical drive

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    Hi. I have been using Daemon Tools forever. Here lately I have been using Virtual CD 10. I has a feature that lets you insert an image directly into a physical drive. I have been using this method now for a couple months. No extra software is required like software to hide the virtual drive. I had so many problems with Daemon Tools not passing the SecuRom check that I went to Virtual CD because of this feature. I think this feature would make an excellent addition to Daemon Tools. Also I don't want to buy multiple copies of Virtual CD for my PCs. If Daemon Tools had this feature it would make my life easier.

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    It is actually already planned. Talking about DT Pro, of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazkowicz View Post
    It is actually already planned. Talking about DT Pro, of course.
    Thats great. I just hope it comes to Daemon Tools lite.

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    why ?
    buy it,I think this software deserve it.
    image creating get better and it works with protect disk v9 .
    the newest feature,Perfect for me
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