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Thread: Omen: The future of Anti-Blacklists is near...

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    Cool Omen: The future of Anti-Blacklists is near...

    Just want to let you all know, that Im alive and still kicking (just on holiday at the moment)...

    There will be a new anti-blacklist program (made by myself) released soon (don't ask when).

    The things you might want to know about it...
    1. Supports SecuROM version(s) 7.00 up to and including 7.39.
    2. Supports SafeDisc version(s) 4.60, 4.70, 4.75, 4.81, 4.85, 4.90.000, & 4.90.010.
    3. Automatic detection and cloaking of device(s).
    4. Works with Daemon-Tools Pro and Lite (unlike some others), will also be compatible with Alcohol 52% and 120%.
    5. Backups, Yes, backups. Careful programming practices have been implemented into this new software to insure that the (your) systems integrity is left intact and fault free.
    6. Simplicity, It will be completely user friendly (unlike some others).

    I will select (please dont PM me, if you do PM me consider yourself removed from any random chances of being selected as a tester) a few BETA testers at the end of the week, some of which have already been notified (you can PM me ), so they and myself can get testing.

    Like I said above, Im currently on holiday, please dont expect any miracles the software, Beta or otherwise will NOT be release this week or the next.
    The community (as a whole) will be notified when it is ready for release.

    You are welcome to leave comments here in the forums for discussion.

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