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Thread: multimedia dvd and securom.

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    Default multimedia dvd and securom.

    Hi all,
    you are my last hope as I have read and tried everything I can think of.

    I back up images (isos) of most important discs that I have.. Not a gamer so don't usually come up against tough protection, My fiance has a multimedia dvd that she uses at Uni, that is protected with SecuRom which has been destroyed. There are nt gonna be any no cd patches out there

    So here is what I have done so far:
    1. I installed a multitude of crap from various websites. loaders, stoppers, cloakers. Nadda. got every error in the book. Emulation detcted, so I cloaked the virtual drive, insert orignal not back up.
    I ran protectionID. SeuRom 7.38.0006
    I uninstalled whatever alchol 52 and installed DT lite and it WORKED...once.

    Now I get this error every time "a securty module can not be activated.this program cannot be executed".

    I have used the exact same image on another pc and and just get the error "please insert orginal disc instead of the back up".

    I have now unistalled lite and installed pro and am about to give up. please help!!!!!!!!!!!! thankyou
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