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Thread: Uninstalling Daemon Tools.

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    Default Uninstalling Daemon Tools.

    Hey guys, I'm new so if i'm going about this wrong give us a shout,

    Bought SimCity Societies, loved all their previous games,

    However after install, the game won't open because it found emulation software.

    decided to uninstall daemon tools, play the game, get sick of it, download latest Daemon tools, move on with life...

    however when i go to uninstall it, my best mate the blue screen of death arrives to ruin my day...

    Tried several times, same thing keeps happening!

    Little Help.


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    Please post latest minidump (windows\minidump).
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    And make sure u 're not infected and one more thing, please open your Start Menu -- > Settings -- > Control Panel --> System and under the Hardware -- > Device Manager. Look for the Hidden Devices (set at the View place and then, look to the bottom of the list). If u see some yellow labels, try to erase them (without resetting of course - cause each time, Windows will tell u that). After that, check any Star***strings (if they exist, try to disable them all). Also disable the "sptd" driver there.

    Look at the google and find Revo Uninstaller then. Install it (a completely free tool). If u're sure of the each steps, then reset your computer n' open it with secure mode (press the F8 key at the startup). Open Revo tool, find Daemon icon and click it with the Revo 's optimum settings.

    It 'll be succeed without that blue screen. Also works with Vista (places are a bit vary, but u can simply find them - and please make sure to close that UAC thing. It can be very buggy with the driver installations as DT)

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