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Thread: YASU 1.6.9040 released

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    Default YASU 1.6.9040 released

    Dear community,

    we would like to inform you about a new version of YASU. To download latest version of YASU, please check attachment.

    » Enhanced device detection/restoration routine(s).
    » Overhauled and updated SafeDisc & SecuROM cloaking routine(s).
    » Y.A.S.U will attempt to automatically detect and repair damaged/corrupted/deleted registry data
    caused by other programs (i.e "DAEMON Tools Extensions").
    » Overhauled and updated SafeDisc & SecuROM cloaking routine(s).
    » Y.A.S.U will detect and use the System's current font, opposed to "Tahoma".
    » Updated Log output, will now display more/additional information.
    » Fixed minor issue with Tray Icon Popup menu (when about dialog is visible).
    » Fixed minor bug with Balloon Tips (Tips will ONLY show cloaked drives).

    » Fixed SafeDisc cloaking issue(s) with nVidia ForceWare drivers.
    » Fixed tab order of controls.
    » Fixed minor bug with Log (ListView) Popup menu (Right-Click).
    » Minor GUI enhancements.
    » (Released for internal testing).

    » Fixed issue with SafeDisc 4.90 not cloaking correctly under Windows XP (32bit).
    » Y.A.S.U will now prompt for Administrator credentials under Windows XP (If required).
    » Y.A.S.U's log can now be copied directly to the windows Clipboard.
    » Added option to Y.A.S.U's log to only save/copy selected item(s).
    » Save log dialog will now specify a file name ("YASU_Log_(%Date%).txt"), opposed to "*.txt".
    » Upon saving a log, the user will be prompted to open the saved file.
    » (Released for internal testing).

    » Fixed SecuROM 7.38/9 Blacklist of Y.A.S.U.
    » Updated SecuROM Anti-Blacklist(s) for version(s) 7.39.0004+.
    » Updated SafeDisc Anti-Blacklist(s) for version(s) 4.90 & 4.90.010.
    » Modified Y.A.S.U's main window, window is sizeable.
    » Minor GUI fixes.
    » (Released for internal testing).

    Best regards
    sYk0 and the DAEMON Tools team
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