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Thread: I want to save and play DVDs on my p.c

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    Default I want to save and play DVDs on my p.c

    Operating System: Windows XP
    Burning Software: Nero Burning ( i dont want to burn the dvds)
    Anti-virus Software: PC Cillian Real Time Monitor
    DAEMON Tools Version: Newest

    I have a DVD and i put it in my p.c, opened to drive folder on my p.c and copied everything across into a file on my p.c and now want to play it but i cannot.

    Does anyone know how to help me?

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    Operating System: XP
    Burning Software: Yes
    Anti-virus Software: No
    DAEMON Tools Version: Guess

    Use a program like DVD Decrypter to rip the contents of the DVD. That should work

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    Default yhank you

    thanks i have downloaded it and about to use it hope it works


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