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Thread: Looking for Dtool 4.06HE or 4.08HE

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    Frage Looking for Dtool 4.06HE or 4.08HE

    I am looking for 4.06 and 4.08 HE because a new game is supposed to work with this version and not with the latest version of dtools. Unfortunately in the archive are only 3.x versions. Are these versions available somewhere?

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    Which game is "supposed" to work with v4.06/.08 and not 4.09?
    Note latest announcement:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Copytrooper View Post
    Which game is "supposed" to work with v4.06/.08 and not 4.09?
    Note latest announcement:
    Hospital Tycoon, it's available through retailer network in the netherlands atm.

    (I am keeping in mind gamecopyworld eula, just want to make a backup;
    Keep the following in mind when making a backup of an Original Game CD/DVD:
    You are LEGALLY ALLOWED to make a personal backup of an Original Game CD/DVD as long as you are the owner of the Original Game CD/DVD.
    You are NOT ALLOWED to sell, rent or give away any backups of copyrighted Games CD/DVD's, as this is not allowed by Copyright Laws.
    You MUST DESTROY any backups when you don't legally own the Original Game CD/DVD anymore (e.g. selling or giving it away)
    Before making a backup, check in the supplied manual or on the back of the CD/DVD, if there are special conditions or provisions for making a personal backup

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    I tried to install daemon tools 3.x from the site but after the setup without rebout I got daemon tools 4.09 HE :S.
    I did uninstall this software? How do I really uninstall deamon tools so I can install an older version?

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    Well in general, v4 is better than v3.

    Maybe you can try to upgrade the SPTD to 1.47, and then try v4.09 with the game again.

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    Try these, DT 4.06 and 4.08 as 32Bit and 64Bit.

    These are the originals from this site, i backupped them on my HDD !
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    The new version-4.3.03: Deposit Files


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