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Thread: internal setup error. error code:14

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    Default internal setup error. error code:14

    Hello All,
    My OS Windows XP PRO
    for some reason i cannt open the DAEMON Tools, i think it happen after i upgrade my Symantec Anti Virus Version 10.1.600 to Symantec Endpoint protection i got this message:
    i try to uninstall the old version, reboort the PC and its dont fix the problem.
    "internal setup error. error code:14. contact supoort"
    Please Help,

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    Please download SPTD (, disable antivirus and start installation of SPTD. Now restart your computer and restart Daemon Tools setup.
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    Default Come-back

    It did not work with neither 4.11, nor 4.08, but it does with 4.10.

    Thank you again.


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    I have Vista 64-bit and i already did what was suggested by Blazkowicz, but i am still getting the exact same error. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thank you.

    P.S Sorry to ressurect such an old topic, but i thought that doing that would be better than creating a new one about the exact same error and situation.


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