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Hi I had to create an account here to share my fix, until either DT or Check Point Software can figure this out.

I recently "upgraded" Zone Alarm Extreme Security (for Windows 7 compatibility) and ran into this problem.

What I noticed is that Forcefield actually uses a separate installer/uninstaller from the rest of Zone Alarm.
In Windows 7, the directory is:

C:\Program Files\CheckPoint\ZAForceField

In that directory you will find all the Forcefield program files, including an uninstaller.
Run the uninstaller to rid your computer of it.
The toolbar will be gone, as well as the service, though the section in the Zone Alarm Client will still be visible (it won't have any true functionality though; it's really gone).

You can now have a happy relationship between ZA Extreme Security and Daemon Tools Lite.

Oh and, yes, I'm running the latest version of both programs:
DTLite v4.35.5 and ZAES v9.1.008.000

By the way, the benefits were instantaneous, i.e no reboot needed, and also I noticed my overall memory usage decreased by about 100 mb's, even though I always had the Forcefield function ticked off.
That service must be doing some bloated stuff in the background no matter how it is set.

Anyway, I ramble.
Hope this helps some people, and hopefully as long as Forcefield is going to cause problems Checkpoint keeps it as a separate installer in the future, so we can get rid of it.
I never used it anyway

I had to create an account here to share my thoughts on PlumbDrumb's post...


Uber easy fix that has solved multitude of issues. Well done.