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Thread: Can't view dynamically updating DT Pricing

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    Daumen runter Can't view dynamically updating DT Pricing


    Various problems with the Purchase DT page. Changing the version (Std/Adv) seems to attempt fancy AJAX spiffery with the the 'updates for x years' menu, but when said menu reloads there are only two entries, each of them being raw html. Not very useful. This occurs in Opera, FF, and IE 8 Standards; IE 8 Compat shows two entries, both being 'Updates for years", lacking the rather important digit.

    The updates for x years menu is only usable if one does not change the DT version, so the above bug can be worked around by going to the relevant URL. Unfortunately changing this menu also doesn't work as expected - the price disappears and is replaced by a throbber, but when the throbber finishes loading, it simply vanishes with no new price offered. Not very useful at all, and not very impressive for potential customers I might at. This behaviour was observed in FF, Opera, and IE 8 Standards (compat mode didn't work at all).

    So. WTF is going on?
    Also, can I ask if the page is fixed, to have all pricing information downloaded to the page at load-time? While AJAX is indeed pretty cool, in this case it's rather pointless as the time saved by not downloading the couple of thousand bytes of pricing information is far outweighed by the time to initiate a new connection whenever a menu is changed, especially on a high-latency connection.


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    Thanks for the detailed testing and bug report. I sent a link to this thread to support.
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    Idee Fixed

    The problem has been fixed. Thank you for your report.


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