the last version i put up on 2shared was v4.2 from then on you must click update to get the latest version.

the reason being i wanted to keep track of how many downloads scripternite has after i added the update feature.

so again here is the link for v4.2

2shared - download ScripterNitev4.2.7z

im near finished v4.8 which will support relative paths, and no more interop.shell32.dll its now fully embedded and thats where its stays thanks to vs2010. so scripternite should be fully portable, even on a burnt cd/dvd. also added runas administrator in runapp, so advanced users should be able do all sorts of administrative tasks from one script.

ie. write to folders/registrykeys where the current user doesnt have permissions.

ill give a list of changes when im done.


p.s wheres some feedback currently 65 downloads and 1 person(acid) gives feedback. i have no idea wheather all scripternite features even works on vista.

sorry but until i put a download counter u will have 2 download v4.2 from the above link