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Thread: Unable to Authenticate

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    Default Unable to Authenticate

    When i start YASU i get the message "Unable to Authenticate "Daemon tools lite" or "Daemon tools pro""

    Anyone knows what can be the cause of this? I should also add that iґm running Daemon Tools Pro Advanced 4.30.0303 if that can mess thing up.

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    This version is outdated. Upgrade to latest DT Pro 4.30.4.
    Upgrade your programs:
    DaemonTools --- SPTD --- YASU --- PID

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    Thanks, that did it. Had to buy a new license, money well spent though. Thanks again.

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    I'm getting the same error, but I'm running DT Lite, the latest version i could find.

    I just copy the Yasu.exe (v1.6.9040) to the daemon tools directory, and run it.

    I tried with an older version of Yasu, and it will run, although the newer version is needed for what I'm playing.

    Am I doing something stupid, or is there a problem?

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    Default Same

    I have the same problem; is there any known fix?


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