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Thread: Comp Crash After mounting

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    Default Comp Crash After mounting

    I'm really sorry If I've missed a post about this allready.

    Well I'm running Windows XP (Home) on a "self built" computer, everything works fine and so and your able to install games and programs.

    I'm using a Amd Phenom 2 3.0Ghz Quad, 4GB Ram and ATI Radeon HD 4890. Also Gigabyte Ultra Durable 3 Motherboard.. if this does make any difference.

    Well ok so my problem is this, I've installed the Deamon Tools Lite with SPTD 1,58 Version. And when I then try to mount an Iso file, the computer crashes. No blue screen or anything though. Next time I tried it I was able to launch the iso file and then it crashed again, this happense everytime. I've tried another program to mount the iso file and also other iso files to try if it's only that iso file but no luck, the same thing still happens, comp crash.

    Please Help! I really need Deamon tools :ґ(

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    Disable "Gigabyte Energy Saver" and "GEST Service for program management" and then try it again.
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    Yes just after I posted this I found the selution for this, typicall, was looking for the wrong Title name. Well thanx alot this solved my problem!! <3


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