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I successfully made a copy of Boardmaker 6.1.4 for my 'friend' with Alcohol 120% ver. 1.9.8 about an hour ago.

She's testing out the software on her laptop and it runs great.

It's running the backup CD with DT lite with Securom emulation and RMPS. Windows 7.

I wasn't going to even try after reading the posts above... but am glad I'm not the gullible type.
I know I am getting back to this over a month after you posted, but did you do anything but simply have Alcohol make a copy? What specific steps did you take? I suspect if Alcohol 120% can truly make a physical copy that works then I should be able to make a virtual cd that does as well. I've used DT Lite with "stubborn" CDs (and virtual CDs) before but never had any success with Boardmaker v6 copies on Vista 32-bit.

To be specific I have Boardmaker version 6.1.1d on CD. Any specifics you can provide on how you got it to work would be greatly appreciated.