I bought several versions of UK Info including 3.1, 4.1 and 5.1 and suffered the same problems.

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I have an original set of UK Info Disk v4.1 released in May 1999.

It is copy protected with SecuRom.

When I install and run with disk 2 in the drive I get "wrong disk inserted"

I think this is because the SecureRom version is so old and my CDRom Drive / PC so fast that they are both incompatible.

How can I tell from the files on the CD what version of secureRom this software is protected be. I have tried many of the copyprotectid programs but they fail to give a version number. Just Securom old V3 or below?

Any help please ?
Here's how I fixed it:
Firstly, your computer must be running Windows 95.
Secondly your computer hardware must be comparable with what was available in the late 1990s. In those days pc's ran at clock speeds of 75-400 MHz and CD Rom drives were 8 speed or there abouts.
We found some 10 year old hardware (2002) and put it together but then slowed the clock speed down to 300 MHz. The wrong disc problems then disappeared.

UK Info 4.1 was built to run on a Windows 95 computer and windows 95 was built to run on hardware that was available in the late 90's like a DX4 100, a P 75, a P 100 etc.

Hope that helps.