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Thread: Will not open at all

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    Ausrufezeichen Will not open at all

    I've downloaded and installed the latest version of daemon tools lite onto my vista 32-bit computer, but the application won't run at all. I try to launch it, it loads for a second, and nothing happens. It doesn't even tell me that it failed to launch.

    Any way to get it to work?

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    Check tray area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazkowicz View Post
    Check tray area.
    I am having the same issue on Windows 7 build 7100.

    I uninstalled an older version of DT and tried to install the newest version. Upon rebotting after the uninstalling and then going to install the new DT it doesnt ask for a reboot during install, but finishes installing fine. Then if i try to launch DT no Sys Tray pops up ( i have looked many times ) but DT is running in the processes, but it never actually launches the program and there is no failed to launch error, or any error for that matter.

    I have used DT to run my old ISO's for years, and this is pretty much the first issue i have had with it and cant seem to find any answers anywhere.


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