I'm currently using daemon410-x86 I installed it and it seemed to work fine.

However after Zonealarm did a spyware scan it picked up a trojan along the lines of win32.downloader something it also mentioned sptd and said its threat rating was medium.

(The description said something about it being a way to let someone on the net know when my pc was online and vunerable)

I promptly nuked it and daemons tools as I suspected wont load anymore, it says:

'initialisation error 0, this program requires at minimum windows 200 with sptd 1.43 or higher, kenrel debugger must be deactivated'

I'm npot accusing the daemon makers as I cannot honestly recall where I got this version from butI wanted to check this to see if its a false positive or if I should grab a more recent version.

if the latter which one should I get? I'm looking for one that just lets me have one virtual drive like the current one does with no frills or anything just a basic Vdrive emulator.

Thanks to any who reply