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Thread: Audio CD Copy Protection Removal from system

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    Default Audio CD Copy Protection Removal from system

    One of my friends accudentally put a disc into her machine with audio cd copy protection on it. Since doing so none of her drives have functioned properly. They take ages to reckognise a disc AND every time she tries to write a disc just after finishing the lead in it fails..
    Anyway she's running 98. Does anyone have any idea how to remove the bloody thing. Cheers in Advance

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    Try to update the ASPI drivers with e.g. ForceASPI 1.7
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    Already running up to date with no result.

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    Try the following :
    Shut down your computer.
    Unplug it.
    Wait for some minutes.
    Re-plug and re-run the computer.

    I experienced myself such strange behaviour on my Plextor.


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