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Thread: AH! Rosetta Stone?!

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    Default AH! Rosetta Stone?!

    Well i'm completely new to this so pardon my stupidity.
    I have 5 ISOs of Rosetta stone spanish part one and i just downloaded daemon tools
    Do i just mount the ISOs onto a virtural drive and if so, what to do next?
    All i need is a person to explain this simply so i can use rosetta stone im really eager to use it
    Thank you so much

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    Why did you create ISO images in first case if you are not familiar with mounting?
    Also you can use Rosetta Stone by inserting original disks if you are in such hurry to use it.

    Also Rosetta Stone is using SafeDisc which for ISO images are mostly useless. Therefore recreate your image with DT Pro and SafeDisc profile from your original disks.
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