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Thread: Alcohol 120 Percent Version Info Thread

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    Default Alcohol 120 Percent Version Info Thread

    Get the trial version here!



    1. NEW. SPTD driver version 1.35.
    2. NEW. Full Windows Vista RC2 (Build 5744) compatibility 32Bit and 64Bit editions.
    3. NEW. RMPS V2, a totally new generation of our RMPS feature
    4. NEW. Option to install Alcohol with or without Virtual drive function.
    5. NEW. EWSS (Enhanced Weak Sector Scanner).
    6. NEW. Shell Context Menu support in all x64 platforms. (XP, Windows Server 2003 and Vista RC2).
    7. UPDATE. Shell Context Menu to sort drive list by drive letter, and single menu item when only one virtual drive is installed.
    8. UPDATE. Alcohols Sector Viewer in CD/DVD Manager, now provides more detailed information for DVD.
    9. UPDATE. Alcohol data type profiles.
    10. UPDATE. "Ignore Media Type" Function; to include DVD media.
    11. UPDATE. Alcohols help files
    12. UPDATE. Language Translations
    13. UPDATE. Alcohols Virtual Drive engine.
    14. UPDATE. Alcohols write engine
    15. UPDATE. Alcohols read engine
    16. FIX. Missing installed device drivers list in Alcohols system report for X64 platforms.
    17. FIX. "Invalid User Buffer." Error, that affected some systems.
    18. FIX. Minor bugs reported by users.
    19. FIX. Problem related to U3 USB if RMPS function was active
    20. FIX. Problem related to Acronis True Image issue
    21. FIX. Problem related to Mac Drive issue
    22. ADDED. Support for more devices, you can find more detailed information on our development page at Alcohol Soft Product Support
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    Hmm, could RMPS v2 and Enhanced Weak Sector Scanning be anything useful?!?!?!
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    I read that the new Alcohol can burn Safedisc DVD's.
    Sorry I forgot to switch to English.
    Thx for the info Kinlaadare.
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    Yes, Safedisc on DVD is now possible with RMPS v2 emulation. This will also work for CD copies when you don't have a capable burner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jito463
    Yes, Safedisc on DVD is now possible with RMPS v2 emulation. This will also work for CD copies when you don't have a capable burner.

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    Thanks for the info! Never tried this one before so i will

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    Alcohol released

    NEW Increased memory buffer from 128 to to 256
    NEW support for isz, b5t b6t image file formats
    NEW Upgraded Reading Engine, Speed Improved
    NEW Upgraded Writing engine, Speed Improved
    NEW Upgraded Starwind ISCSI function
    NEW SPTD layer to version 1.47

    FIX Addressed some blacklisting problems
    FIX Bugs reported by some users
    FIX Vista compatible problem concerning activation

    UPDATE language files
    UPDATE Devsupp additional support for more drives

    Use the link below to get the trial version
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    What are the major advantages of Alcohol 120 over Daemon-Tools for someone like me who just needs to mount disk image files?

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    None, if you are just using the software to mount your images then Daemon tools will function just as well as Alcohol, if you requier to burn your images to disc then presently you will need to use Alcohol.

    So just for mounting use Daemon Tools

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    We should add that Alcohol and DT Pro also contain
    Image-Manager - if that feature is usefull for you, you
    could also give Alc or DT Pro a try..

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