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Thread: blacklisting of D-Tools

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    Default blacklisting of D-Tools

    Hey... I just read what CopyTrooper posted here:
    > In previous versions the Daemon Tools controller was named "Virtual
    > Daemon SCSI Controller" but some suckers of copy protection
    > developers decided to blacklist all devices connected to the "Virtual
    > Daemon SCSI Controller" so the name is changed from version to
    > version in a combination of letters and numbers - no chance for
    > blacklisting this stupid way anymore ... unfortunately they do not stop
    > this idiotic blacklisting stuff

    Can't you just name the controller randomly? E.g. run a shuffle name generator on installation and name it that way? That would make it impossible to blacklist D-Tools just by the controller name...

    Dunno if this is possible, it just came to my mind when reading CopyTrooper's post...

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    No, isn't possible, this can cause many trouble with update/remove-option.

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    We are not that stupid :twisted: discussed this random controller name generation months ago but as Locutus already said: Impossible mission :roll:
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    good point... well, if you've already discussed that I don't think there was much I could contribute to your ideas.

    Thanks for the answers nonetheless...

    "I was inappropriately blunt, wasn't I? Sorry, I do that a lot."


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