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Thread: Windows 7 BSOD SPTD

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    Default Windows 7 BSOD SPTD

    Good day, its nice to be on the forum..hehe a shame I have a problem ..

    I upgraded from vista to 7.. un installed old DT .. installed new DT.. had to reboot, didnt work, installed SPTD now It BSOD's everytime I try to get into windows.. even in safe mode so I have to launch a live cd..bah..
    already tried deleteing SPTD.sys

    that didnt work.. blah please.. help me.. I didnt made any back ups.. and I realy need my system back...

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    i have got the same problem but W7 lets me launch is safe mode, so i have disabled SPTD in registry - worked

    but now i cant use Daemon and dont know what to do

    (if thought that problem in my hp 3d driveguard, but unistalling it is not worked for me...)


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