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Thread: Astroburn 1.1.0 Doesn't Run Verifying

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    Okay, thank you! Looking forward to it

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    BTW is this a notebook drive as i can't see it on amazon?
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    No, NEC DVD-RW ND-3520AW is not a notebook drive. I have a tower unit. It's rather old drive. I bought it in 2004, but until now I haven't got such kind of troubles. Maybe it's of new OS...

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    Again. But this time I didn't set option Verify. It just freezed at finalizing process, I guess. Burning comes to 100% and here we are again. I can't stop it, I have to reboot the PC...

    I've never encountered such kind of troubles. To say more, I haven't got ANY troubles with my drive since the day I bought it (2004). I used to exploit Nero 6 when I run WinXp. No problems. But when I set up Win7 I had to refuse Nero 6 due to its incompatibility.

    I'm going to be very upset with Astroburn (( Am I the only one who's getting this? Have the app ever been tested with Win7? I don't understand why this happens at all... How can it depend on another apps installed? Why is there looped code in it? I pressed Cancel button, it didn't stop. What's it waiting for? I've put 2,5 KB file and I've been waiting for finalizing it for 50 minutes!!! I can't kill the process. I'm just going crazy...

    BTW I'm having an assumption all this occurs when burning at maximum allowed disc speed. I seem to remember burning like this every time I freezed.
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