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    Hi all,

    where can i put my suggestion about?

    "Would be very usefull for all BluRay fans over the world to can EMULATE AACS in Daemontools, so pls put that Point on your list."

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    To emulate AACS each virtual drive needs own unique device key extracted eg. from some real bluray drive,
    which is illegal. Also once known, such key will be soon blacklisted and revoked and then even your real drive will stop working.
    So if you want such feature you will first need care of good key supply - much hassle.
    If you are "bad boy" anyway and still want to go illegal way then much easier it to create clean AACS-free image with AnyDVD and forget about any problems.
    But if you want to emulate AACS legally then we do not know of any method to do this.


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