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Thread: Will not "automount"

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    Default Will not "automount"

    I have done alot of searching throughout the posts..and tried multiple ideas people have suggested but still no luck. I am running Daemon Tools Lite version and Y.A.S.U. version 1.6.9040. I have YASU in my startup folder and that runs like it should. My problem is I cannot get Daemon Tools to "automount". I currently have both the "autostart" and "automount" ticked and everytime I reboot my pc, I have to rerun Daemon Tools and manually mount the image..then all runs fine. What am I missing to get Daemon Tools to Automount to the image mounted before the reboot? Thanks....

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    I installed the actual version of DT-Lite a week ago and since this day the automount doesn´t work here too.

    (OS: Vista)


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