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Thread: problem in 'notification area'

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    Default problem in 'notification area'

    after i installed daemon tools and then restarted the computer, the network and sound icon in the "notification area" were gone, and when i went in properties to put them back in (RMB in Taskbar==>Properties==>Notification Area)
    the check boxes were greyed out.
    i system restored so now i don't have that problem anymore, but if i want to install daemon tools again what do i do if the problem persists? also, can this be something that has nothing to do with deamon tools but rather with something completely different?

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    Why do you think that your problem was caused by DAEMON Tools? Did you try to uninstall DT before system restoration?

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    damn you! you were right. it had nothing to do with daemon tools. I installed it again and there was no problem.
    now all i have to do is figure out how to use it...
    oh well. at least it works.

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