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Thread: Trying to connect to internet?

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    Default Trying to connect to internet?

    First of all when installing DTLite I unchecked the toolbar and other so called "features" but at the end of the install I got the warning that 'DAEMON Tools Toolbar.exe' is trying to access the internet. Now why excatly was that .exe still put on my hdd after I had unchecked it and why exactly did it need to get internet access?

    Second of all, after having unchecked the 'Check for updates monthly' in options then later when running the program again, DTLite.exe still wanted to connect to internet, again why...

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    Which DT Lite version?
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    The latest v4.35.5.

    To be clear, the toolbar didn't install but eventhough I unchecked it, at the end of the install 'DAEMON Tools Toolbar.exe' was put temporarily into DT install folder and it tried to access the internet.

    So I reinstalled again to take closer look and basically the installer 'DTLite4355-0068.exe', toolbar 'DAEMON Tools Toolbar.exe' and program itself 'DTLite.exe' all tried to connect to Akamai Technologies IP's.

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