Hi there,

I recently installed Daemontools 4.35.5 under windows 7 x64.
The installation didn't completed as it gave me the error about windows 2000 and the kernel. Each time that I tried to reboot for the installation svchost would not let me restart and would crash(and then I could restart my computer). Suddenly, I started my computer and.... nothing. blank screen. Everything seems to be ok on the hardware ( I have an ASUS crosshair so there is a little screen that tells what is booting) but I can't see a thing, not even the BIOS! I though it could be STCP.sys related but I don't have a clue since I can't see anything on my display(which is dual-screen and I don't see anything on both of them).

Here are my specs if it proves useful :

ASUS crosshair motherboard
6gb 800mhz OCZ memory
AMD 6000+ processor
eVGA Nvidia 8800GTX
650watts power supply
G-15 keyboard
G-5 Mouse
Logitech Z-5500 speakers

Oh, my mouse seems to be O.K. though. I think I can go into windows but I don't see a thing... and the lights on my G15 seems alright also but the backlighting doesn't show up at startup.

Thank you for taking time to look into this.