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Thread: USB-connected drives missing (turned off) after Daemon update

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    Default USB-connected drives missing (turned off) after Daemon update

    I've recently updated Daemon Tools (Pro Std) to version 4.35.0308. Installation went smoothly.

    I was quite surprised after reboot all storage devices connected to my computer via USB (external Seagate HDDs) were missing! In the device manager they were marked as disabled and Windows was not able to enable them.

    I removed them manually, restarted and they were installed again. Unfortunately after next power up they were disabled again...

    Uninstalling Daemon helped and devices were always visible. But it's not the solution I guess I use only 1-2 virtual drives but they apparently cause some conflict with other devices.

    What should I do to avoid this? The solution with missing actual CD/DVD drives does not seem to work...
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    Send a message using this form including all information and a link to this thread, thank you.

    Also what OS are you using?
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    Oops - I forgot to not it, indeed - it's Vista Business 64-bit


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