Hi, I've been trying to make a virtual driver with daemon tools lite so I can start up my "The sims 2" without the disc (lost it awhile ago.) It's been working all day until around 4 hrs ago when i took my computer from my friends house back to mine.
Since then i've tried re-installing and un-installing and even installing different programs to get this .msd file to load onto a driver. But every program including daemon keeps making these weird BD-ROM drivers instead of the usual dvd-rom driver (i think it's dvd-rom that i usually use.

Is there any way to get the virtual drivers to go back to their old "-ROM" type so i can actually play my game?

Im running windows 7, and I have tried removing the drive and adding a new one. the closest i've come to getting it back to normal was switching it to the cd-rom type. but i still cant switch it back to dvd-rom.