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    Hi, I've been trying to make a virtual driver with daemon tools lite so I can start up my "The sims 2" without the disc (lost it awhile ago.) It's been working all day until around 4 hrs ago when i took my computer from my friends house back to mine.
    Since then i've tried re-installing and un-installing and even installing different programs to get this .msd file to load onto a driver. But every program including daemon keeps making these weird BD-ROM drivers instead of the usual dvd-rom driver (i think it's dvd-rom that i usually use.

    Is there any way to get the virtual drivers to go back to their old "-ROM" type so i can actually play my game?

    Im running windows 7, and I have tried removing the drive and adding a new one. the closest i've come to getting it back to normal was switching it to the cd-rom type. but i still cant switch it back to dvd-rom.

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    Describe your problem more detailed.
    Do you get any errors? Post exact error messages or attach screenshots.

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    Ok here's what's basically happening.

    I'm trying to load a .msd file so I can play The Sims 2 without a disc.
    It loads properly and should work, but daemon tools and all the other virtual drive programs keep making the wrong type of virtual drive.

    All of the programs keep making a BD-ROM drive, but my computer cant use those type of drives.

    What I need is a way to change the virtual drive that daemon/alcohol 120%/what ever else makes to the type of drive that my computer can use and load the "fake" disc from.

    I've tried to re-install all of the programs, make new drives, change the settings, etc... but it still stays as a BD-ROM drive.
    There was one point where I got daemon to make a CD-ROM drive somehow, but that still wouldn't load the "fake" disc.

    The error I get when trying to use the BD-ROM drive:
    The disc might be corrupt. Make sure the disc uses a format Windows recognizes. If the disc is unformatted, you need to format it before using it.

    Note: Im using Windows 7, and about 17 hours ago the drives and game were running/working fine.

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    The problem is in image file, not in virtual drive.
    Quote Originally Posted by tyeeeee1 View Post
    It's been working all day until around 4 hrs ago when i took my computer from my friends house back to mine.
    Did you copy this image file to your computer? It might have been corrupted during copying. Compare checksum of original file and its duplicate.

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    The file is fine, its just that daemon and all the other programs keep making the wrong drive. I cant use BD-ROM, which is the one it keeps making, I half to find out how to stop it from making BD-ROM, and get it to make a driver that I can actually use.

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    i am having the same problem this is what sims 3 web site says:
    PC Troubleshooting

    The 'Disc read authorization' or 'disc read authentication' error is oftentimes caused by the existence of Drive Letter Access (DLA) software on your machince. DLA software includes DVD recording applications with the ability to drag and drop files directly to a drive letter, such as Sonic or Roxio. These applications are known to cause disc authentication problems. To fix this issue, try the troubleshooting steps below:

    * Click on the 'Start' menu on the Windows Taskbar.
    * Click on 'My Computer.'
    * Right-click on the DVD drive letter you are using to run your game.
    * Select 'Properties' from the list of options.
    * You should see a 'DLA' tab in the Properties panel, where you can disable the DLA software on your machine.

    If disabling the DLA software from the Properties panel does not solve your issue, you can also try to update the drivers for your DLA software through the manufacturer's website.

    If updating your drivers still causes you to get the 'disc read authentication' error, you might want to completely uninstall your DLA software using the 'Add or Remove Programs' tool in the Control Panel.

    Update: Many of the reports we have received regarding this issue all list the 'MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-841S' as the existing DVD drive in affected systems. The Matshita drive is usually found in Toshiba laptops. We recommend checking the Toshiba and/or Matshita support websites in order to find a more targeted solution to this issue.

    You might also want to consider updating your Toshiba drivers by visiting this site and selecting your machine's make and model.

    Further Troubleshooting

    CD Emulation software is also known to cause similar issues with disc authentication. Below is a list of software that is known as, or known to include, CD Emulation Software that could potentially prevent the game from playing properly:

    * Fantom CD Emulator
    * Alcohol 120%
    * Nero Image Drive
    * Phantom CD
    * Clone CD
    * Ark Virtual Drive
    * Veritas DLA
    * Daemon Tools

    If you are unsure about how to turn off emulation settings, consult your emulation program help files. If you have emulation software not listed above that does not provide adequate information about how to turn off emulation to avoid software conflicts, then uninstall the software from your machine.

    If this does not resolve the issue, please create an incident using the Email Us link on the left, and attach the following files:

    * A Dxdiag file (Submitting a DirectX Diagnostic File)
    * A 'devicefailure.log' file, which you can obtain using the following instructions:
    o Click My Documents
    o Click Electronic Arts
    o Click Sims 3
    o Right-Click on the 'devicefailure.log' file and select Copy
    o Right-Click on your desktop and select Paste

    but you cant just disable your daemon tools, other whys your disk wont work... duh, so how do you change daemon tools to fake out the system to make it think it IS the Dvd drive

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    After a long time downloading I was able to get a game I wanted for years,,,problem is that...I CANT play it...I followed different forums and downloaded daemon tools and mount the image file...creating an mdx file...

    After reading more forums and answers from the site, I put all the virtual drives in the daemon and mount the game in each one of only creates a BD-ROM totally useless that shows the message

    The disc might be corrupt. Make sure the disc uses a format Windows recognizes. If the disc is unformatted, you need to format it before using it.

    I have tried EACH ONE of all the steps in this thread and nothing works, Ive tried many other ways and the result is the same. TOTAL FAILURE.

    Ive been trying to understand and retried each step for like 2 days and 3 nights...I dont know what to do anymore, Im tired of having no way to play the game...I dont want to give up on playing it...but Ive tried everything and nothing NOTHING!!


    Note: I run on windows 7 and Im using a daemon tools pro advance edition (trial version)


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    DO NOT use downloaded images. You need to create an image from original disc. In case your disc is protected, use appropriate profile for grabbing.

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    I have the same problem but with ripped dvd movies. I ripped them myself and they've been working for about 5 years on my PC. But when I use it on my laptop (which is mainly where I want to use it), it loads them as bdroms and, even when I manually try to play them, it comes up with the same error message as the others mentioned. And I know there's nothing wrong with the images because I'm running them from the same external hard drive and they still run perfectly on my PC. Now... enough excuses and ducking the issue... is there a solution to the problem or not? because the whole program is pretty much useless to me if there isn't.

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    Please try to manually delete upper/lower filter entries as described here (Resolution) and reboot:
    The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that is running Windows Vista (also works on Windows XP/7/8/8.1).
    I'm not employed by Disc Soft and my views do not necessarily reflect the ones of the company.


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