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Thread: How to set up and burn such audio CD -any help please?

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    Frage How to set up and burn such audio CD -any help please?

    I am novice, have DaemonTools Lite 4.35.6 and
    I want to burn audio CD, my audio files are in .WAV format.

    The CD must be able to play on common, off the shelf CD player and also on Windows and Mac computers.

    How exactly to prepare files and burn such a CD ?

    I wonder can DaemonTools it help me with this task?
    Your step-by-step instructions will be really appreciated!

    I have PC with WindowsXP pro, with built in burner and plenty of RAM and HD memory.

    Thanks in advance for all advise from experienced users!

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    DAEMON Tools Lite doesn't have its own burning engine. You can use Astroburn Pro or Astroburn Audio (Software for burning, grabbing and mastering CD, DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray discs :: DAEMON Tools Pro is able to burn Audio CD via Image Editor as well.


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