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    Frage sptd

    I had to reinstall sptd to use DT after repairing windows (xp), but that didn't work as it should, because after rebooting the only way to access windows was through the "last good config" option. (safemode didn't work). Never had any problems with sptd/dt before, and tried to remove sptd so I could install it from scratch, but nothing I tried had any effect. Finally I tried searching and deleting as much as I could of everything associated with sptd in the registry, and now the "last good config" option has also stopped working so there's no way to access windows anymore, and neither can I repair windows because repair also freezes at the same spot. Everything freezes at a black screen where the windowslogo should start loading.

    Any way to fix it other than trying to format c: and delete everything?

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    If you are unable to boot into safe mode even if you pressed ESC when prompted, boot with your Windows cd into recovery console, log on to your Windows installation (requires Administrator password), and enter disable sptd (this will disable SPTD service). Reboot to check if your issue is solved.
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