since its lifetime license, i think it should have ability to use offline. because it is a big inconvenience that it needs to connect every now and then to function normally. its a real turnoff to people living in countries that still don't have internet infrastructure in the neighborhood and need to go to those scarce internet cafes to read emails. its bad enough that they need to live in less civilized countries/villages or whatever. its worse that programs need to connect to internet to work. its like daemon tools is saying if you live in poor country, you don't have right to use our product. i think its such a discrimination. don't get me wrong, i am using lifetime license on my laptop right now. but its annoying if you have to travel to a place where there is no connection and it happens that daemon tools was due to connect for its 'regular checkup'. its just a perfect way to ruin your plans.personally, this is one of the cases where companies take one step too far to the left.