I've been using Daemon Tools lite for a number of years, with Daemon Script. I kept upgrading to the latest version of Daemon Tools on principle even though I never had any problems with the previous versions.

So for a while now I've been running the newer DaemonTools that don't work with Daemon Script, waiting for a new version of Daemon Script to be released, but that hasn't happened yet and I'm ready to roll back to the older daemon tools that worked with DaemonScript. So does anyone know if & where I can download the last version of DaemonTools that worked with DaemonScript, along with the latest version of DaemonScript as well?

I'm not running pirated games or anything, it's just that I buy all these game cd's for my kids, and they keep losing them & scratching them, and they're not old enough to learn how to use deamon tools itself -- and with Daemon Script I could just create a game icon to click on and the iso image would just mount & the game would run. I'd love to go back to that again.

Thanks for any help,