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Thread: older Star-force and windows 7 how to get it to working

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    Default older Star-force and windows 7 how to get it to working

    So i bought a few games today for my PS2 but also bought a cheap PC game LMA manager 2005.

    Upon installing LMA i realised it had star-force protection and therefore when i attempted to play it i couldn't due to the fact it won't work with windows 7 and there are no patched to get that particular star-force working.

    Any does anyone know how i can get the game to work without having to install XP in anyway i.e. dual boot...etc? I tried XP mode in windows 7, the game installed ok but it didn't like something to do with the OS despite it being XP as it told me to use 2000,NT or XP.


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    You can check for updates for the game or else not possible.
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