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Thread: daemontools for linux

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    Isn't daemon tools's driver supposed to take care of that? NFS just does the job of reading from what's read off the vcd through Daemon tool's driver and sending it off to your linux box.

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    Wait ... even a better idea...
    you can share the Daemon Tools drive in your VMWare workstation's windows install, and then use Samba to access it... wouldn't that kick-ass-tic?

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    But isn't NFS only for file-share?
    Copy-Protections require at least access per sectors...

    iSCSI could work but even that probably wouldn't work for all protections (e.g. StarForce newer versions)...

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    umm does nfs or smbfs allow per sector read ... ?

    I'm thinking of mount -t smbfs or mount -t nfs

    if either of those allows, then we're in business... I think...

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    No neither, NFS or Samba would work. The only viable option is what ghost already suggested: iSCSI.
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    Ausrufezeichen Linux ftw

    Quote Originally Posted by Andareed View Post
    Have you tried wine, vmware or any other windows emulator. I have heard that wine has made some favorable progress in their emulation.
    Point 1 wine does not properly support things like tsp or other copy protection schemes. so mounting a image is useless if its got protection.

    Point 2 mounting a image in linux will NOT allow for disk 2 to be inserted during install. that image would have to be mounted in wine's env. duno how to get wine to play nice that way would probably require conversation between you and them. once disk is mounted and setup.exe is run it will not open/mount another disk untill setup.exe is complete. some setups have protection writen in them that if it is not the original no install.

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